Friday, March 11, 2011

CouponZoo has a new Mascot!

We obviously have a great love and admiration for wild animals, here at CouponZoo!  We are especially fond of elephants! And now, we finally have our very own mascot! 

Here's introducing Elephant Baby Girl:  ".........."
What's my name?

The only problem?  She doesn't have a name yet! 

So... we're having a contest!  Let's see who can come up with the most unique and appropriate name for our girl!

She's full of personality, loves to be in the center of everything, and has a very sunny disposition!

In order to enter the competition, just follow CouponZoo, and submit a name suggestion in your comments!

Whoever's name suggestion we choose will win a $25 gift certificate to Harris Teeter (or your favorite grocery store, if you are out of the area)!

Here's a close-up:

Isn't she cute!!!!

Please help us welcome our new mascot with open arms, warm hearts, and a name worthy of her position! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I like Mia. I have already had the pleasure of meeting this lovely girl and Mia wanted me to tell you how proud she is to be serving as the new mascot for couponzoo.

  2. How about Selena? Kinda sounds like "sale." I also like Lulu it's African. The name "Halla" is African too, and it means "unexpected gift" like what you get from a coupon!!! :-) That is if you don't like Ali!

  3. I like the names with meaning... we'll consider your suggestions! Thanks for playing! ;)

  4. She's beautiful! She looks part aquatic,part fairy,innocent,happy, hopeful,reaching for ??? Shall we say the light? The truth? The everlasting? How about" Lotus Flower"? p.s. If I win, I donate my winnings to the second runner up! Mom

  5. Don't have any name ideas yet, but she's fantastic. I love her!

  6. Thanks Ashley! We love her too! Check back soon, rumor has it she is ready to announce her new name!

  7. What a beautiful girl she is and a perfect mascot for Coupon Zoo. I think her name should be Tilly. Sounds like a fun playful name!