Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two days into the TRIPLE COUPON EVENT....

so far...I've gone to Harris Teeter each day, equipped with my TWENTY best coupons! (You can only use 20 per day)

A good tip is to buy the items that are the best deal (ie FREE) at the beginning of the week-long sale.  Towards the end of the week, the stores start running out of the best sale items!)

So far, here are the results:

Items:  42
Coupons used:  40
Spent:  $24.60 (avg $0.57 per item)
Saved with Coupons:  $72.16
Saved with Coupons Plus VIC Specials:  $89.90

Yay!  This is so much fun!

The McCormick's Spices were FREE.  The Worsteshire was FREE. The French's onions were FREE (those will be great for green bean casserole!)  The Brownie mixes were $0.49 each.  The Tobasco was $0.10 ea.  Smart Balance Peanut Butter was $0.75.  Rices, pastas and sauces were roughly $0.50 each, and the toothpaste and toothbrushes were roughly $0.25 each!


Don't forget to check out my Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Ups at Coupon Divas

If you are looking for coupons for specific items, go to Coupon Divas Coupon Database. You can enter the specific brand name ("Philadelphia") or a general description ("sour cream"), and they will give you a list of all of the current coupons and what sales flyer/date you can find them in!  This is a great reason to save all of your Sunday paper sales flyers in a box, then you can go dig them out when you find out about a great coupon you'd like to use from that date! 

Happy Thursday, and Happy Savings!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rumor Has It........................

.......Harris Teeter might be doing TRIPLE COUPONS starting this Wednesday!!!

I just have one thing to say....

Of course, we can't be sure until we see the Wednesday Sale Flyer, but since HT hasn't offered triple coupons so far in 2011, chances seem pretty good! 

You can check out the Harris Teeter Website to view their coupon policy.  Remember, only coupons up to $0.99 are doubled or tripled under normal circumstances.   That means your $0.75 coupons would be worth $2.25!!!!!

Keep checking back for more on this!  Hopefully it means lots of FREE items for us couponers! 

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Deal on select Kellogg's Cereals this Saturday!

Happy Friday everybody!

I hope you've all had a GREAT week!  Many of us are gearing up for Spring Break in our area!  I cannot wait!  I'm taking Hailey to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

Just wanted to let you know about a great deal I've discovered at Harris Teeter for Saturday ONLY.

Select Kellogg's Cereals for $0.75/box.

e-VIC Member price on Saturday Only is 4/$5 ($1.25 ea)

Then you stack the coupon from Red Plum 4/10 (last weekend),
for $1.50 off 3 boxes.

That brings your total to $0.75/box when you buy 3 boxes.

Ok, so these aren't exactly health-food cereals.  I don't serve these for breakfast, but I do like to use them as "treats" or "dessert".  The Froot Loops are also great for DONATING to your kid's preschool, as that is the colorful cereal teachers use for many arts and crafts projects!

OH, and the deal also includes one of my all time favorites..................................................
The coupon only applies to the first three cereals, but the DEAL at Harris Teeter also includes Rice Crispies!

Yum!  Let's go make so me Rice Crispy Treats! 

Oh, speaking of which, I saw the cutest idea for Rice Crispy Treats the other day.  You can make them in muffin/cupcake tins, make a little indent in the tops, and top with 3 jelly beans to make it look like a bird's nest!  Too cute!

This also looks like fun!!!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reflections on Extreme Couponing...hmmmmm

So...did anybody else watch that crazy Extreme Couponing show last night?  Whoa! If you're anything like me, you probably have mixed emotions about the show. You might either be really "motivated", or really "disgusted".  I have to say, I'm not all that impressed by someone who can get 150 candy bars or 100 bottles of mustard for free.....WHO NEEDS THAT???!!!

Seriously? ... Where do you sleep???

Let's just hope these ladies have a good relationship with the local food bank or church and are able to donate whatever they don't need!

So, just to clarify, I am NOT an "extreme couponer", nor am I suggesting that you try to become one! 

I certainly don't have the desire or the time to commit to making such enormous hauls (not to mention, my hubby would probably have me committed if I stockpiled cans of soup in the master bedroom). 

HOWEVER, I have seen first hand that if you are really interested in saving money on groceries and toiletries, and you can commit a couple of hours a week to clipping and planning, then you CAN save some big money!$!$!$!

I look at it as a fun hobby that's very gratifying and SAVES money!  

And it's a much safer hobby than this:

I started couponing in earnest on January 1st of this year.  I have saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $400/month, and cut my grocery bill by more than half!  I do NOT have huge stockpiles of anything.  I buy what our family needs.  IF I have extra, I donate it or use it for my kids' school events etc...  YAY!

Happy Thursday and Happy Savings!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back by Popular Demand...see the Results! 58 Items for $60!!!

Here are the results of a shopping trip using Super Double Coupons!

Spent $60!  (Saved $78)!!!

58 items for $60.00!  Yay!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today is the LAST DAY of Harris Teeter's SUPER DOUBLES!

Use up all of your $1 coupons today to double your savings!!!

And check back tomorrow for the new Harris Teeter Match-Ups for the upcoming week!

Have a great Tuesday!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harris Teeter is doing SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS this week!!!

I hope you've held on to all of those coupons worth $1 or more recently!  Because, this week Harris Teeter will DOUBLE COUPONS UP TO $1.98!!!  

March 23-29th

To find out how to maximize your coupons by combining them with the best Store Discounts, check out my Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Up's, published today and every Wednesday at Coupon Divas!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Once Harris Teeter Match-Ups are ready!

Check out the great deals you can get at Harris Teeter this week (Wed thru Tues). 

Including great sales on:

-Irish Beers!
-Chicken of the Sea canned tuna
-Arnold Bread
-Campbell Soup
-Dannon Yogurt
-And many more!

My Match-Ups are published every Wednesday at Coupon Divas website.  Just click on the "Harris Teeter" logo on the Deal Dashboard!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Savings!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Cheese???

... Especially when it's FREE!!! 

And, what better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.....

than to eat some FREE IRISH CHEESE!!!

Earthfare is running a special promotion through 3/15 for FREE IRISH CHEESE!

Their email says you just need to stop by the Cheese Counter and ask for your coupon for FREE CHEESE! 

I don't know about you, but I'm going to try it!!! 
Also, check out all of these great Earthfare Coupons

Happy Savings and Happy Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

CouponZoo has a new Mascot!

We obviously have a great love and admiration for wild animals, here at CouponZoo!  We are especially fond of elephants! And now, we finally have our very own mascot! 

Here's introducing Elephant Baby Girl:  ".........."
What's my name?

The only problem?  She doesn't have a name yet! 

So... we're having a contest!  Let's see who can come up with the most unique and appropriate name for our girl!

She's full of personality, loves to be in the center of everything, and has a very sunny disposition!

In order to enter the competition, just follow CouponZoo, and submit a name suggestion in your comments!

Whoever's name suggestion we choose will win a $25 gift certificate to Harris Teeter (or your favorite grocery store, if you are out of the area)!

Here's a close-up:

Isn't she cute!!!!

Please help us welcome our new mascot with open arms, warm hearts, and a name worthy of her position! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Do you drink Almond Milk?

If so, you'll want to take advantage of the eVIC only special sale price good 3/11-3/15. 

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk 1/2 gallon:  $3.19
-LESS $1.00 eVIC Member special price
-LESS mfg coupon $0.55 (doubles to $1.10) from Smart Source 1/30/11
-OR LESS mfg coupon printable
Final Price:  As Low As $1.09!!!

Remember, just because you have a Harris Teeter VIC card, that does not make you an eVIC member.  In order to become eVIC, you need to go to the Harris Teeter website and sign up.  It's easy, and they will then email you special deals and automatically load them onto your VIC Card!!!
Happy Savings!

New Harris Teeter Match-Ups are ready!

Hi everyone!  It's been a crazy week, sorry this post is so late!  My Harris Teeter coupon Match-Ups are ready and have been published at Coupon Divas

There are lots of great deals this week, including MANY items for around $1 or less, when you use your coupons!

-Starkist Tuna
-Miracle Whip
-Maxwell House Coffee
-Pop Secret Popcorn
-Log Cabin Syrup
-Emerald Nuts
-Finish Automatic Dish Detergent
-Newman's Own sauce
-Pop Tarts
-Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
-Philadelphia Mini Cream Cheese 4-pk
-Yoplait Kids cups 4-6pk

ALSO, Great deals on Fresh Seafood, Harris Teeter Gallon Milk, Tropicana OJ, Total and Special K Cereals, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Viva Paper Towels, and much more!

Happy Shopping!

Stay tuned for updates on the Friday e-VIC specials!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 4th is FREE FRY DAY!!!

I'm not sure which is my favorite, the fries, or the ketchup!  (Anybody who knows me knows I put ketchup on everything!)  But the combination of the two is sublime!  Especially when it's Chick-fil-a Waffle Fries

I love the crunchy ones that fall to the bottom of the box, while my friend Lisa loves the "backs" (end pieces).  Whatever your favorite part, go get your FREE FRIES at Chick-fil-a on Friday from 2-4.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Ups are ready!

Check out Coupon Divas to see my newly published Harris Teeter coupon Match-Ups for the week of March 2nd-8th!  There are lots of great deals, including a "Meal Deal" with all the fixin's for around $1.50!


Happy Savings and Happy Wednesday!

My New Harris Teeter Match-Ups should be published the meantime, how about some FREE APPLES!

Coupon Divas is working on publishing my new coupon match-ups for Harris Teeter as we speak!  So keep watching for that announcement!

In the meantime...could anyone use some FREE ORGANIC APPLES???  I know I could!  We eat more than one-apple-a-day around my house, and yet both my girls are sick hoo!

Hopefully you signed up with Earthfare for their free coupon emails a couple of weeks ago, when they were giving away a free dinner!  Today, they're offering a FREE BAG OF ORGANIC APPLES!  Yipee! 

FREE 3lb bag of Organic Pinata Apples w/ $5 purchase!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Any Moms out there in need of free baby bubble bath?

Hey Ladies!  I have to share my excitement with you all about a deal I snagged at Rite-Aid today!  Ok, so here's the result:

If you need bubbles for your baby (I was down to using dish soap lately!), then you will love this deal!

-1st, make sure you have a Rite Aid Wellness Rewards Card (free)
-Buy the J&J items which are on sale:  $2.99
-Subtract:  +UP Rewards (good as cash) of $2 per bottle
-EQUALS $0.99 each bottle
-LESS, printable coupons (
-Resulting in a total cost of $0.71 total (before tax) for FOUR bottles  of J&J baby bubbles!!!

YAY!  Hope you can bath your baby in bargain bubbles tonight!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Savings!

My New Harris Teeter Match-Ups are ready!

There are some great deals at Harris Teeter this week!  My Match-Ups are published at Coupon Divas each Wednesday!  Check them out and save some BIG money! 

Happy Savings and Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today is the LAST DAY of Harris Teeter's SUPER DOUBLES!

Remember, if you have any coupons valued at $1.00-$1.98, today is your last day to use them at Harris Teeter for DOUBLE value! 

I made one last trip this morning and scored some great deals, including:

*Hefty one-zip baggies:  $2.99 Reg
-On sale for BOGO (1.49 ea)
-Less, $1/2 Coupon which doubled to $2/2
-Final Price:  $0.49 each box!!!

*Progresso Soup:  $2.79 Reg
-On sale for BOGO ( 1.39 ea)
-Less $1/4 Coupon which doubled to $2/4
-Final Price:  $0.89 ea

*Kraft Mac and Cheese 5 pack:  4.39 reg
-Less $1 Coupon (doubles to $2)
-Final price:  2.39 for 5 boxes of mac!

***Other great $1 coupons I used and doubled to $2 today:
-Celestial Seasonings Tea Bags
-Palmolive Dish Soap
-Snyders Pretzles
-Colgate Toothpaste
-Simply Orange Juice
-Activia Yogurt

All together, I SAVED $61.93 by combining 17 coupons with VIC specials! 

Have fun!

Happy Savings and Happy Tuesday!

PS:  Don't forget, my Harris Teeter Match-ups for the NEW sales starting tomorrow will be available tomorrow morning at Coupon Divas!  I'm working on them now!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coupon Match-Ups in Action! 48 items for $46 at Harris Teeter!

Check this out!  48 items for $46 at Harris Teeter, using the Coupon Match-Ups I created!  That's an average price of $0.95/item!!!

Total Spent:  $46!  Total Saved:  $72!

I stocked-up on General Mills staple items because this week there are special incentives.  If you buy 20 of the featured GM items, you get an automatic $6 OFF your bill!  PLUS, I was able to combine VIC sale prices, manufacturer coupons, and e-VIC Zavers ON THOSE 20 items!  (Cereal, frozen veggies, granola bars, etc...)  To see all of the GM items included in the special, check out the Harris Teeter Weekly Specials Flyer.

Don't forget, my Weekly Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Ups are published on Coupon Divas every Wednesday! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Thursday!

PS:  Thanks for all of your comments, and thank you for following me!  4 new followers this week!!!  :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Harris Teeter Coupon Match Ups are Ready at Coupon Divas!

Check out my Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Ups, NOW published weekly at Coupon Divas!!!  Each Wednesday, you can check out the best new ways to combine sale prices with coupons for Maximum Savings $$$.

Thanks to Kitty at Coupon Divas for giving me this opportunity! 

Happy Wednesday and Happy Savings!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Bird Sneak Peek at Harris Teeter Special starting 2/16!

Guess what!?!  Starting Tomorrow, Harris Teeter will be offering SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS!  That means they will DOUBLE ALL COUPONS UP TO $1.98!  (Rather than up to the usual $0.98).  This is a major opportunity for BIG savings! 

I hope you all bought your Sunday papers last weekend! 

Remember to check my Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Ups on Coupon Divas starting tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Savings!

Check out this great video tutorial on Coupon Match Ups and how to maximize savings!

Check out my favorite Coupon Diva Kitty in her new tutorial about how to use coupon Match Ups!  I love her down-to-earth tutorials!  She shows how easy it is to save!!!  $$$$$

Don't forget, Coupon Divas is the website I will be publishing my weekly Harris Teeter Match-Ups on every Wednesday!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is Heather's Happy Day!!!

...but it's not what you think...

Today is a  Happy Day for Heather because I just received the great news that I have been selected by
Coupon Divas to write their weekly Coupon Match-Ups for Harris Teeter Grocery Stores!
Match-Ups by Heather!!!

If you don't yet know what a "Coupon Match-Up" is, you're in the right place!

Coupon Match-Ups are possible combinations of a store's sale price with a currently available manufacturer coupon, resulting in the lowest possible price

It takes a LOT of time to research all of the available store sale prices, for every major store, every week!  Wonderful websites such as Coupon Divas (my fave) have become invaluable resources for coupon junkies to find out the latest Match-Ups.  They hire people like me, who are passionate about couponing, to scan the new sales each week, and submit the best of the best deals!  They then publish those deals on their website, making it easy for us all to save big with coupons, in less time!

Each week I will post a link here on CouponZoo to the Coupon Divas Website so that you can read my Harris Teeter Match-Ups, and many more! 

Happy Savings, Happy Shopping, oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Check out this GREAT deal on paper towels... today only at HT!

8-pk of HT paper towels only $3.99!!!

*** You have to be signed up as an e-VIC member at Harris Teeter.  This is an unadvertised sale price!  Good today ONLY, Saturday, February 12th! 

Happy Saving, and Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sign up at and get FREE DINNER!!!

Thanks to my friend and avid health-nut, Amanda, for this great tip!!!

Just go to Earthfare's Website and sign up for their weekly emails for freebies and coupons.  Then, they will produce a printable coupon for a  FREE DINNER, which includes:  mashed potatoes, organic baby carrots, and a Fresh Whole Chicken (OR a box of veggie burgers).  WOW!  What a deal!

I was just thinking I needed to head over there soon to stock up on yummy Grass Fed Beef !  (If you've never tried it, it's delicious, and you will never go back to grain fed beef again!  Thanks to my friend, Cody, for turning me on to this!)  AND, with all of the money I'm saving with coupons, I can afford to splurge on this healthy protein for my family!!!

Happy Healthy Savings AND Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How would you like to bake a cake for $0.53???

Show all
Cake Mix AND Icing for $0.53!!!

Get this CAKE AND ICING COMBO for $0.53 at Harris Teeter by following these easy steps:

*Shop with your VIC card and get the sale price on Mix for $0.99 AND the icing for $1.59
*Use the Manufacturer Coupon (mfgQ) for $0.75 (doubles to $1.50) from (Smart Source 1/30/11)
*Sign up for Zavers (e-coupons on Harris Teeter Website) for an additional $0.55 coupon (limit 1)

(Remember, the coupons are only good if you buy BOTH the mix AND the icing)

AND...Even if you don't have the Zavers (e-coupons from Harris Teeter), you can still get both the mix and the icing for $1.20 total!!!  By using 3 mfg coupons, and (1) Zaver, I did this:
For $2.93!!!!!


Happy Savings and Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another grocery bill cut in HALF!!! See how I did it...

$142 in groceries for $79!!!

Another day, another grocery bill cut in HALF!!!   Keep reading to find out how you can do the same on your next grocery shopping trip, by combining Manufacturer Coupons, Store VIC sale prices, and Unadvertised Store e-VIC e-coupons (ZSavers) and unadvertised sale prices!!!

As you can see, this trip included many necessary, healthy and yummy items:

  Fresh and healthy foods:
*Organic Hearts of Romaine ($2.99)
*Chicken Breasts
*Activia Yogurt ($1.50/4-pk)
*Crab Meat
*FRESH Fruits and Vegetables

 Staples such as:
*Cracker Barrel Cheese ($1.50 each block)
*Cream Cheese ($1.25 each)
*Spagetti Sauce
*Mac and Cheese
Tobasco sauce for $0.45 
Mustard for $0.50
*Frozen entrees 
(Stouffer's, singles $1/ea)
( family size:  $3.99)

 Household necessities:
*Trash bags (3.24)
*Dishwasher detergent

 And even a few Splurges such as:
*Chex Snack Mix ($0.44/per)

Total Before Savings:  $142.64
VIC Savings: ($40.89)
e-VIC unadvertised Savings: ($5.89)
17 Manufacturer Coupons: ($15.90)
TOTAL Spent:  $79.96
That's a savings of $62.68 (55%)

I only paid full price for ONE ITEM, the flour for breadmaking...another new hobby that's going to allow me to make homemade bread for approx: $1.25/loaf!...more on that in another post!

Finally, my TIP for Tuesday: 

If you aren't already signed up on the Harris Teeter Website for the e-VIC specials to be emailed to you every Wednesday, you should run to your computer and do so now!  Here's a link
Not only are there "advertised" specials each week, but there are ALSO "unadvertised" specials which they will email to you ONLY if you are on this list.  AND NOW, there are ALSO e-VIC ZSavers Coupons!  These are available only through the HT website, and you may only access them on Wednesdays, via your e-VIC weekly specials email.  These are electronic coupons that you can click on and save to your VIC card (they are loaded electronically), and the best part is you never have to clip them!  BUT, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT THESE ADDITIONAL SAVINGS UNLESS YOU SIGN UP FOR THEM!  THEY ARE NOT ADVERTISED IN THE STORE!

OK, sorry for such a looooong post today!  Just wanted to share the exciting savings with any and all of you who might be listening out there!  Thank you if you are!

Happy Savings and Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sunday Paper is Your Best Friend!!!

The first step to saving big money with coupons is to BUY THE SUNDAY PAPER! It costs $2, and on average, the Sunday paper includes $200-$400 worth of coupons.  And that's not to mention the "coupon stacking" you can easily do with your favorite grocery store's or drug store's weekly specials!

You MAY think you're not interested in many of the "processed foods" that offer coupons.  So, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you buy Cereal?
Do you buy Yogurt?
Do you buy Deli Meat?
Do you buy Cheese?
Do you buy Popcorn?
Do you buy canned foods? 
Do you buy ground Turkey?
Do you buy Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, or Stouffers Frozen Dinners?
Do you buy Frozen Vegetables?

If your answer to any of these questions was "YES", then couponing can save you BIG MONEY!  If you invest a little time, you will never again feel good about paying full price for ANY of the above items....and many more!

How would you feel if you could BOGO (Buy One Get One Free (Harris Teeter VIC Special) AND AND AND save an additional $1.50 off Yoplait Gogurt (how many of us put those in our Kid's lunch boxes?).  That would take the price from $2.99 per 8-pack DOWN TO $0.75 CENTS per pack if you use a $0.75 on any TWO (which is usually the coupon value)...AND you double it at Harris Teeter (Because they Double Coupons Every Day, so that $0.75 coupon is really worth $1.50)......................  I know it sounds complicated now, but SERIOUSLY, once you do it a few times, it is SO easy and SO Gratifying!!! 

SO, thought for today is BUY THE SUNDAY PAPER!  Cut out the coupons you "think you might use", and save the scraps, because you might want to go back to them later!.....MORE on that later!).


Bye for now,and have a great week!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Have you heard about Heather's new Passion in 2011?

YES, you heard it here first!  My new obsession in 2011 is COUPONING!  I'm so excited about this new-found love that I've started this Blog in order to share it with all of you!  You'll never believe all of the fabulous savings right at your fingertips...literally (more later on that).  

And now, the answers to all of your "burning" questions!

Q:  How did it all begin?
A:  Late one night, I stumbled upon the "Extreme Couponing" series on TLC.  You can find a link to it here. We all know we "should" clip coupons, but I NEVER imagined that I could cut my grocery bill in HALF or more!  

Q:  How much do you know about couponing?
A:  I'm learning as I go! I've only been dedicated to this new passion since Jan 1, 2011.   I have found various resources over the past month that have been incredibly enlightening! I plan to share those with you here!  There's a whole new world of savings out there that I never knew existed!  I decided I wanted to share as much of this as I can with all of my friends, family and whoever else stumbles upon my Blog!

Q:  How much have you saved so far?
A:  In the month of January 2011, I used FIFTY SIX coupons!!!  In addition to the coupons, I maximized the store specials (advertised and unadvertised), store coupons, and reward bucks, for a total savings of over $300 in January!

 Huge Deals in January included:
FIVE FREE tubes of Colgate Toothpaste! (great for charity donations)
6 FREE Snickers Bars (great Valentines Day gifts for teachers)
$54 of Progresso soup for $18 (20 cans!  I won't buy soup for another 6 months!)

I am soooo very excited to share this new passion of mine with all of you!  You will be amazed at the deals you can score if you just spend a little bit of time planning ahead!

And, the best part for YOU?  I will do all of the work FOR you!  Just check out COUPONZOO regularly, and I will keep you posted on all of the HOT DEALS I discover! 
Can't wait to start saving with you!