Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another grocery bill cut in HALF!!! See how I did it...

$142 in groceries for $79!!!

Another day, another grocery bill cut in HALF!!!   Keep reading to find out how you can do the same on your next grocery shopping trip, by combining Manufacturer Coupons, Store VIC sale prices, and Unadvertised Store e-VIC e-coupons (ZSavers) and unadvertised sale prices!!!

As you can see, this trip included many necessary, healthy and yummy items:

  Fresh and healthy foods:
*Organic Hearts of Romaine ($2.99)
*Chicken Breasts
*Activia Yogurt ($1.50/4-pk)
*Crab Meat
*FRESH Fruits and Vegetables

 Staples such as:
*Cracker Barrel Cheese ($1.50 each block)
*Cream Cheese ($1.25 each)
*Spagetti Sauce
*Mac and Cheese
Tobasco sauce for $0.45 
Mustard for $0.50
*Frozen entrees 
(Stouffer's, singles $1/ea)
( family size:  $3.99)

 Household necessities:
*Trash bags (3.24)
*Dishwasher detergent

 And even a few Splurges such as:
*Chex Snack Mix ($0.44/per)

Total Before Savings:  $142.64
VIC Savings: ($40.89)
e-VIC unadvertised Savings: ($5.89)
17 Manufacturer Coupons: ($15.90)
TOTAL Spent:  $79.96
That's a savings of $62.68 (55%)

I only paid full price for ONE ITEM, the flour for breadmaking...another new hobby that's going to allow me to make homemade bread for approx: $1.25/loaf!...more on that in another post!

Finally, my TIP for Tuesday: 

If you aren't already signed up on the Harris Teeter Website for the e-VIC specials to be emailed to you every Wednesday, you should run to your computer and do so now!  Here's a link www.harristeeter.com
Not only are there "advertised" specials each week, but there are ALSO "unadvertised" specials which they will email to you ONLY if you are on this list.  AND NOW, there are ALSO e-VIC ZSavers Coupons!  These are available only through the HT website, and you may only access them on Wednesdays, via your e-VIC weekly specials email.  These are electronic coupons that you can click on and save to your VIC card (they are loaded electronically), and the best part is you never have to clip them!  BUT, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT THESE ADDITIONAL SAVINGS UNLESS YOU SIGN UP FOR THEM!  THEY ARE NOT ADVERTISED IN THE STORE!

OK, sorry for such a looooong post today!  Just wanted to share the exciting savings with any and all of you who might be listening out there!  Thank you if you are!

Happy Savings and Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ahhhh, this post just answered my previous question. Good to know! Thanks! :)