Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sunday Paper is Your Best Friend!!!

The first step to saving big money with coupons is to BUY THE SUNDAY PAPER! It costs $2, and on average, the Sunday paper includes $200-$400 worth of coupons.  And that's not to mention the "coupon stacking" you can easily do with your favorite grocery store's or drug store's weekly specials!

You MAY think you're not interested in many of the "processed foods" that offer coupons.  So, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you buy Cereal?
Do you buy Yogurt?
Do you buy Deli Meat?
Do you buy Cheese?
Do you buy Popcorn?
Do you buy canned foods? 
Do you buy ground Turkey?
Do you buy Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, or Stouffers Frozen Dinners?
Do you buy Frozen Vegetables?

If your answer to any of these questions was "YES", then couponing can save you BIG MONEY!  If you invest a little time, you will never again feel good about paying full price for ANY of the above items....and many more!

How would you feel if you could BOGO (Buy One Get One Free (Harris Teeter VIC Special) AND AND AND save an additional $1.50 off Yoplait Gogurt (how many of us put those in our Kid's lunch boxes?).  That would take the price from $2.99 per 8-pack DOWN TO $0.75 CENTS per pack if you use a $0.75 on any TWO (which is usually the coupon value)...AND you double it at Harris Teeter (Because they Double Coupons Every Day, so that $0.75 coupon is really worth $1.50)......................  I know it sounds complicated now, but SERIOUSLY, once you do it a few times, it is SO easy and SO Gratifying!!! 

SO, thought for today is BUY THE SUNDAY PAPER!  Cut out the coupons you "think you might use", and save the scraps, because you might want to go back to them later!.....MORE on that later!).


Bye for now,and have a great week!!


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