Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coupon Match-Ups in Action! 48 items for $46 at Harris Teeter!

Check this out!  48 items for $46 at Harris Teeter, using the Coupon Match-Ups I created!  That's an average price of $0.95/item!!!

Total Spent:  $46!  Total Saved:  $72!

I stocked-up on General Mills staple items because this week there are special incentives.  If you buy 20 of the featured GM items, you get an automatic $6 OFF your bill!  PLUS, I was able to combine VIC sale prices, manufacturer coupons, and e-VIC Zavers ON THOSE 20 items!  (Cereal, frozen veggies, granola bars, etc...)  To see all of the GM items included in the special, check out the Harris Teeter Weekly Specials Flyer.

Don't forget, my Weekly Harris Teeter Coupon Match-Ups are published on Coupon Divas every Wednesday! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Thursday!

PS:  Thanks for all of your comments, and thank you for following me!  4 new followers this week!!!  :)


  1. Great Job!!! I went to Target and used coupons today! Saved $15!! Thought you would be proud of me! I even used Target coupons on top of manufacturer coupons, which I wouldn't even have known you could do until YOU!

  2. I'm so PROUD of you! How did it make you feel? Are you thinking of all the fun things you can do with that $15 you saved???

  3. Wow! this is such a great blog and I am so glad I found it!! I definitely need to start shopping smarter, and you are my inspiration. :)


  4. Thank you, Marcie! You're so sweet, and I'm so glad you found my blog too! Thanks for the comment, and I hope you see more things here that will inspire you! -Heather