Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Any Moms out there in need of free baby bubble bath?

Hey Ladies!  I have to share my excitement with you all about a deal I snagged at Rite-Aid today!  Ok, so here's the result:

If you need bubbles for your baby (I was down to using dish soap lately!), then you will love this deal!

-1st, make sure you have a Rite Aid Wellness Rewards Card (free)
-Buy the J&J items which are on sale:  $2.99
-Subtract:  +UP Rewards (good as cash) of $2 per bottle
-EQUALS $0.99 each bottle
-LESS, printable coupons (
-Resulting in a total cost of $0.71 total (before tax) for FOUR bottles  of J&J baby bubbles!!!

YAY!  Hope you can bath your baby in bargain bubbles tonight!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Savings!


  1. Quick question Heather... What are +UP Rewards?
    Thanks, Ashley

  2. Hey Ashley! +UP rewards are like "cash" that you can use on your next transaction! I actually used the $8 ($2 each bottle) that I earned from the J&J purchase, on a consecutive purchase of Huggies Diapers (which I used a $1.50 coupon on and earned ANOTHER $2 UP Rewards)! You can use them in the same store at the same time, no worries, just has to be in a separate transaction! I know it sounds confusing, but once you get used to it, it's easy. See me at school! ;)